Thank you for your interest in Hallmark RV pop-ups. We are proud to offer the most innovative and highest quality pop-ups on the market. Hallmark pop-up truck campers are designed to be low profile, light weight, and convenient. Our current models are constructed of pre-formed composite fiberglass for the ultimate RV performance.

We have been factory direct since 1958. Eliminating the middle man (dealerships) allows us to bring you a superior product at a competitive price. Hallmark does offer out-of-state incentives for customer pick-up and can look into shipping upon request. Uship

Uship is not affiliated with hallmark but a great resource for shipping needs of all kinds. Follow the link above to start a shipping quote.

Molded Fiberglass Composite Exterior Frame

All hallmark pop-up truck campers come standard with a molded fiberglass composite exterior frame and a one-piece molded fiberglass composite roof. Like a fiberglass boat, the molded composite exterior frame provides the structure and superior durability of a hallmark pop-up truck camper.

Here are some links to find out more about true composite construction and our Made in the USA composite manufacturing partners.

The gel-coated composite wall panels consist of a fiberglass sandwich with structural end grain balsa core. This is the same technique and material employed by many luxury yachts, military aircraft, and high speed trains. End grain balsa is a renewable resource that imparts remarkable strength and stiffness to the sandwich panel. The end grain configuration of balsa provides high resistance to crushing, and is very difficult to tear apart. End grain balsa cored panels also have the ability to handle excessive dynamic loads with high resistance to fatigue.

Interior Cabinetry Support Material: Wood, Aluminum, or Coosa Composite



Hallmark RV customers choose their interior cabinetry support material; wood OR aluminum. The standard cabinetry support material is wood. For aluminum cabinetry support material, add $2,000.

Cabinetry and Fabric Choices

Hallmark pop-up truck campers come standard with Oak, Amber Bamboo, or Maple cabinetry. Cherry, Hickory, and Walnut cabinetry are available for an additional cost. Coosa composite cabinetry is available for an additional $2,000. Other wood types are available upon request.

Hallmark RV customers choose their own interior fabrics (dinette cushions, mattress, window valances, polar window covers, and other interior fabric accents). To select an interior fabric, we recommend Charlotte Fabrics.

Hallmark RV Standard Features

Hallmark standard features include maintenance free composite roofs, molded fiberglass exterior framing, real oak cabinetry, power and manual crank roof lift mechanisms, insulated soft-walls, DSI water heaters, three-way DSI absorption refrigerators and two-way 12-volt compressor refrigerators, LED interior lighting, dual battery systems, 45-amp power systems with built-in charging, forced air propane furnaces, exclusive big-view double windows, porcelain and cassette toilets, power and manual camper jacks, composite shower stalls, unique storage solutions, and unmatched customer service.

Hallmark RV Options

Click here for a list of all available Hallmark options.

Hallmark pop-up truck camper options include solar panels, awnings, televisions, stereo/DVD entertainment systems, outdoor and indoor speakers, cooktops, inverters, microwaves, battery upgrades, skylights, 12-volt water tank heaters, LED lighting, LED exterior lights, bumpers, generators, air conditioners, utility racks, ladders, custom flooring, cabinetry materials, latch systems, camper jacks, vents, and exterior LP/storage boxes. Not all options are available for every Hallmark model. Some custom features and options available upon request.

5 Year Structural Warranty

All Hallmark pop-up truck campers come with a pop-up truck camper industry-leading five year structural warranty.

True Dry Weights

Every Hallmark pop-up truck camper is weighed at the factory on an in-house portable racing scale system. These weights are then accurately reflected on our website and printed materials. At Hallmark, you will be provided with both finished and unfinished weights. These two weights will give you an accurate assessment of what you are putting on your truck.

What should you look for in a pop-up camper?

As the old saying goes, you usually get what you pay for. At Hallmark, you are paying for state-of-the-art construction, innovation, customer service, and history. These are four important considerations that you should always take into account when purchasing a camper.


1. Construction is the most important consideration in your purchase. For example, Hallmark RV uses automotive UV rated clear plastic in the construction of our soft wall windows. Hallmark also uses high-density block foam R-5 insulation rather than polystyrene bead insulation, LED tail lights instead of incandescent tail lights, and vacuum formed plastic overhead cabinets instead of wood cabinets. All of these details add up to make a safer, smarter, and longer lasting Hallmark product.

2. Innovation is also an important element to look for in a camper. Wood and aluminum frame campers have been the choice of consumers for over twenty years. To date, there are only three slide-in camper manufacturers that offer a true composite construction and Hallmark RV is proud to be one of them. The three reasons composite manufacturing is so rare is time, cost, and the ability required to make composite molds. The time, cost, and ability to make a true composite pop-up is out of reach for most pop-up manufacturers. We are proud to offer this innovative form of construction and are confident in its superiority to vacuum press technology.

3. Customer service is another critical consideration to your camper purchase. How are you treated by the camper manufacturer or dealership during your research? For example, does the company answer it’s telephone? Ask for a list of two to three consumers you can contact to find out more about a company’s product and service. These contacts are usually good indicators of quality customer service. At hallmark RV, you will always receive first rate customer service.

4. Finally, look at the company’s history. You want a company that has survived the test of time and will be around when you need service and support in the future. An industry leading company like Hallmark RV knows that construction, innovation, customer service, and history make a superior camper.

Please contact us toll free at 877-659-5753 with any questions about the hallmark RV, our camper models, standard features, available options, and custom requests. You can also schedule an appointment to tour our Denver area showroom and factory.

Thank you for interest in Hallmark pop-up campers. We strive to earn your business,

Sincerely, The Hallmark RV Team


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